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This website is the idea of a long time Ventnor Resident and Event coordinator.

"It is hard to find out about all the great things going on in the Downbeach area". 

I hate when someone comes up to me and asks me "Are you going to that event tonight" and I say what event. Unfortunately I did not hear about it. :-(

"Most of the time you hear about an event to late. And of course it is the day before or the day of the event and you already have plains."

Well this website is for ALL the events & what's happening around Downbeach now in one place. So you can have it at you finger tips.

If you know of an event happening around the Downbeach area please let us know about it. 

Also, If you are a local business & would like to advertise with us please visit our contact page or email us at 

Thank You again for visiting & we will see you around town.....

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Your one stop for INFORMATION ON eventS & things happening in the Downbeach Community .